How it works

Machflow Energy has developed a new method of cooling that is light, agile, and environmentally friendly. The technology results from the combination of two well understood concepts, the Bernoulli Principle, and the unique properties of rare gas mixtures. It enables us to build air conditioning and cooling systems that use a refrigerant with no global warming potential, no effect on the ozone layer, and that is nontoxic. The initial patent for this technology has been granted in the US and Europe, and a rich pipeline of patents are pending.

Gas accelerates & cools as it flows thru a Venturi. The energy cost is what is required to offset viscous losses to maintain the flow. The core of the flow routinely cools by 75°C (more than 130°F). Unfortunately, in most situations, the Venturi wall stays warm because of a boundary layer that forms in the gas near the wall. Our patented technology breaks through this boundary layer.

The Bernoulli cooling system circulates a proprietary gas mixture with a blower. Cooling occurs at the Venturi array in the Bernoulli heat exchanger, and the heat is exhausted at the high temperature heat exchanger. Blowers have a high energy density and are quick to spin up to full speed. The Machflow cooling system will be light and quick to respond to changing heat loads.


Our demonstration prototype has all the elements of a Machflow cooling system in a small package.