What is Machflow Energy?

Machflow Energy Inc. is a technology company that is developing a new kind of cooling system that is light, quick to respond, and uses a refrigerant that does not harm the environment and is non-toxic. The cooling system, which to can be used to cool anything from a chip to a building, is much quieter than tranditional cooling systems. Machflow Energy was first funded in 2006 and has received support from NeoNet, KPCB and the DOE. We are a privately held company incubated at Clark University in Worcester, MA.

Who are we?

Dr. Charles Agosta, President and CEO of Machflow Energy, Inc. and Professor of Physics at Clark University. Duke PhD, Harvard, MIT Post Docs, Wesleyan AB - Prof. Agosta is a co-founder of Machflow Energy and the inventor of many aspects of the proposed technology. Charles Agosta is also an expert in heat transfer simulations, electronics, and measurement instrumentation. A state of the art pulsed magnetic field (pulsed power) system was build under direction of Prof. Agosta to study superconductors. His laboratory reaches the highest magnetic fields of any university in the U.S., surpassed only by Los Alamos National Laboratory. His work in thermodynamics and the properties of helium over the last 30 years were part of the inspiration for Machflow Energy.

Dr. Sergei Ivanov, Chief Operating Officer, Ph.D. Clark U. has significant experience executing complex technology development projects. Prior to joining Machflow Energy in 2008, he worked for almost 8 years at Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation as Program Manager for technology development applications. Sergei’s expertise includes mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, systems design, thermodynamics, optics, and materials science.

Dr. Elham Ghaem-Maghami, Director of Research, Ph.D. WPI - is an expert in gas dynamics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer properties. She has a strong background in experimentation with a broad spectrum of knowledge in diverse measurement and analysis techniques.

Per Suneby, Business advisor - Successful entrepreneur in cleantech arena and previously in the IT/communications sector. Member of Board of Directors and SVP, Corporate Development for Second Wind, Inc. and Advisor for PMC BioTec. Formerly, CEO & Co-Founder of Indus River Networks, CEO of Converged Access, Executive Chairman of LiquidPiston, founding outside Board member for Astralpoint Communications, member of Board of Directors for Ellacoya Networks. Formerly Venture Partner & EIR for Flagship Ventures.

Jean-Noel Poirier, Business Development advisor - Vice President of Marketing & Business Development at Global Solar, Former VP at First Solar and Honeywell.

Ciaran Murphy, Mechanical Engineer, BS. WPI

Nathaniel Fournier, Mechanical Engineer, presently a student at WPI

Funding has been raised from NeoNet of Burlington, MA, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers of Menlo Park, CA and the DOE.